Independence Walking Tours

ü Voted Best Philly tours!


ü Fact-Pact and condensed tours!


ü University professor developed Philadelphia tours!


ü Tours depart from Independence Visitor Center 12:00 and 1:00 pm every Saturday!


ü 2 Tours to choose from:

            Independence Walking Tour!

            Cemetery & Urban History Tour!


Developed by Rider University Professor Joe Wojie, Independence Walking Tours are the all ages and family friendly version of Grim Philly's mature audiences night tours, which have been voted Philadelphia's Best City Tours on PHL 17's Philly Hotlist in 2011 and 2012. With solid year of research comprising each tour's background focusing on the different, unique, and most often sensational aspects of Philadelphia's colonial and urban history- Independence Tours too is an eclectic mix of old and new, gathering a wide range of topics to present adventurers with entertainment at the forefront of our agenda. Independence Tours; like Grim Philly Tours are fast paced and energetic, and given by expert local guides the vast majority of whom hold college master's degrees.


For anyone who because of family concerns whose wanted, but not been able to take Grim Philly's "Vampires, Sex, Ghost" tour, or "Cemetery, Serial Killers; Blood & Beer" tour these tours are for you...and you can thank us later for getting you out of another friendly, free, liberty bell duck snooze.


Join Independence Tours on fact-packed and compact 75 minute or 2 1/2 hour walking adventures of Philadelphia's most historic mile- including the graves of Betsy Ross, Benjamin Franklin, and other founding fathers; landmarks like Independence Hall; Betsy Ross House, President's House
Site, Franklin Court, the home sites of Dolly Madison, Alexander Hamilton, George Washington, and other Founding Fathers; exploring even Walnut Street Prison & Surgeon's Hall sites, & other darker "Grim Philly" attractions. University professor developed, and voted best in Philadelphia Independence Tours recounts both traditional & unexpected tidbits in scandal & historic secrets revealed as well as seventeenth and eighteenth century urban Philadelphia history and lore.


Grave robbery, slave auctions, colonial drinking culture, pirates on the Delaware, whipping and hangings, and mass graves to Dolly Madison's ice cream and Betsy Ross sewing her flag are among the range of topics you'll hear. Come and join us on the most unique tour Philadelphia has to offer and see why we've been voted #1 Philly Tour since 2011!



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