Al Capone, Ben Franklin’s brewing recipes, and 1920’s speakeasies highlight this history and drinks education off the beaten path. Two tours in one. 60 minute outdoor historical sightseeing of colonial brew sites, gangster, moonshining, and alcohol histories. Followed by additional 2 hour bar hopping portion, (lightly narrated) over drinks, food, and friends. Includes 3 bars, 1 or more drinks, snacks, drink and prize giveaways, and trivia. Every guide is a college graduate, most are college professors and history degree holders.

Meets at: Independence Visitor Center (Market Street Doors).

Sites Include:

George Washington House
John Adams House
Benedict Arnold House
Robert Morris House
Liberty Bell
Independence Hall
First Bank of the United States
Second Bank of the United States
Carpenters Hall
Museum of the American Revolution
Sites of Multiple Colonial Era Brewpubs
Colonial Bar District
3 Taverns Chosen for Cultural Significance.

Transportation: Walking Tour
Guide: College Professor or History Degree Holder.
*Must be 21 years of age.
*Not wheelchair accessible.

Duration: 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM.
Cost: $45-$60.

*A departure from our usual fast pace & fact-packed regular tours, pub crawls are designed as guided evenings out with friends. Taverns are chosen less for historical significance and more for giving tour goers a modern & cultural variety of local flavor. For differences between our pub crawls and regular walking tours please visit our FAQ page for more details.