The most comprehensive and riveting ghost tour in or outside Pennsylvania. 

  • Ghosts and Graveyards is a ghost aficionados dream with visits to Ben Franklin’s Grave, to the site of live Witch Trials, bodies stacked under colonial structures and no less than four colonial boneyard haunts…ending with a comprehensive insiders look in to Old Pine Street Church burial grounds in the dead of the October night.
  • A Grim Philly Ghost tour of true paranormal nature Ghosts and Graveyards captures the quintessential spirit of edgy presentation for which Grim has become famous while embracing for the first time a wider non-adult audience (with warning).
  • Boasting twice the length and locations of any other ghost tour in Philadelphia and visiting chilling original sites missed by less comprehensive ghost tours without university professor guides, Ghosts and Graveyards highlights the wickedest of chills from Grim’s adults only Haunted Tavern AND Vampire tours made newly suitable for non-adults before bounding forward in to the freshest new nighttime boneyard haunts available only by Grim. So join us on Philadelphia’s most wicked cool well-researched spirit-rich narrative chronicles of grave robbers, graveyards, and ghosts as told only this Halloween season by Grim.

Tour price includes:

  • University Professor guide.
  • Minors allowed, with parental supervision, and cautionary warning of presentation topics and style.
  • 50% tour recaps best of the best ghost tales and sites of 2 separate Grim Philly adults only tours. 50% fresh new material found only on this tour, this fall. 
  • Multiple burial ground locations. Entry to one.
  • Nighttime ghost tour…most comprehensive in Philadelphia.
  • Origin stories of modern Halloween tradition, ghosts and the dead, and Samhain folkloric legend touched upon.
  • Grave robbery, resurrectionism, and gritty unexpected comprehensively researched local histories by the best college professor guides Philadelphia has to offer.

Duration: 2 hours and 30 minutes

Rates :**Adults - $40** | **Children - $20** *Ages 12 and Under*