The Best Halloween Activities in Philadelphia for 2017!

Grim Philly has compiled the best most frightfestful ghostly frights and sights  this Halloween season for 2017 fall haunts with an array of gritty  paranormal pleasures. We include here our grisly list of sights and frights  to suit your spirited fancy boasting the best and most  wide-ranging haunted Halloween attractions in Pennsylvania, with multiple nightly events, and all day weekend frightseeing- with events as early as 12:00 PM noon and lasting as late as 1:00 AM!

Weather you're looking for frightful family fun or blood soaked and twisted adult-rated macabre  Grim's list provides a plethora of ghostly sections with nightly options for all.

The following tours have been voted best in Philadelphia and among the best nation-wide by multiple media outlets including NBC, CBS, Travel Channel, Greater Media Philadelphia Radio Stations, and others.

Most Popular Halloween Tours of 2017

Halloween Events in Philadelphia | Grim Philly Twilight Tours

The Ghost Hour 2017

The Ghost Hour- Grim Philly Twilight Tour all ages nightly tour

The Ghost Hour

Our all-ages Halloween season ghost tour! 7 PM. Check calendar for availability.

Our option for the little ones.

Vampires, Sex, & Ghosts 2017

Grim Philly Halloween Ghost Tour.jpg

Vampires, Sex, & Ghosts Tour

Dark History and mature-audience topics NIGHTLY at 8:30 PM.

Encore Saturday Late Tours at 11 PM.

Cost: Beginning at $25.



Serial Killers Halloween Event 2017

Grim Philly Serial Killers and Cemetery Tour

Serial Killers / Cemetery Tour 2017!

Twisted daytime Halloween Tours at 10 AM & 1 PM, weekends only.

Cost: $39 (Advanced)


Oktoberfest Halloween Tour 2017

Oktoberfest Grim Philly Tours Pub Crawls

Oktoberfest 2017!

21+ Halloween fun with drink, food, horror tales, and friends old and new.

Cost: From $45

Haunted Halloween Season Pub Crawl 2017

Haunted Pub Crawl Grim Philly Twilight Tours

Haunted Pub Crawl


This haunted Halloween itinerary of horrors includes 21+ friends, and toasts with the ghosts of Olde City Philadelphia's colonial past.

Cost: From $50

See what Halloween events are going on every night on our CALENDAR below!


Have you ever wondered where Halloween came from?

Check out Grim's multiple articles on the pagan origins of our Halloween Holiday! Learn why we carve pumpkins, wear costumes, bob for apples, observe bats, cats, ghosts, and all things Halloween!

1270709_547988068587608_569915684_o (1).jpg

Halloween Traditions: Bonfires

Celtic Druids of northern Ireland before the common era built ritualistic bonfires high upon hilltops to celebrate their annual festival of Samhain; & customarily feed the bones of slaughtered...

Halloween traditions COSTUMES.jpg

The Origin of Wearing Costumes for Halloween

Evidence of the Celtic New Year celebration of Samhain (SAH-win)--our modern Halloween--predates Gaius Julius Caesar’s Di Bello ...

halloween origin of halloween.jpg

Samhain: The Origin of Halloween

Halloween/Samhain; a 3 day harvest festival honoring the arrival of the new year and the souls of those recently deceased in the previous year can be traced back to Celtic Druids prior to the arrival of the Romans in Northern Europe...

Halloween Origins BATS.jpg

Halloween Lore: Bats

A common practice among our ancestors at the time of summer’s end (Samhain, Oct. 31) was to build fires that would ward off maladjusted energies...

halloween harvest moon.jpg

The Harvest Moon: An Annual Reminder of Halloweens Past

As summer draws short, and the Halloween/Fall season looms the "Harvest Moon" is our ever-present reminder of the anticipated yield and ritual feast of our Celtic ancestors that would mark this season before the bitter nights of winter darkness...

Halloween origins bobbing for appples.jpg

Bobbing for Apples: B

orrowed Halloween Traditions

After acquiring Celtic territory the Romans adopted many of their practices—including the festival of Samhain in the 1st century AD..

jack o lantern.jpg

Jack 'O Lanterns: The Origins of a Halloween Tradition

The traditions of carving jack 'o lanterns originates with the Celts...

burning witches.jpg

Burning Witches

Witches sentenced throughout the 1600's--including the estimated 40,000 burned in Germanic regions on The Continent...burning was, by The Church, believed necessary to dispersing the spirited evil of witches and thus rendering such malevolent energies harmless.

The shear amount of human fatty tissues burned--particularly with numerous condemned witches being set to the flame at once--would have seeped in to the clothing and hair of the gathering crowds in front of the churches where witches were often burned Sundays after masses...

halloween day of the dead.jpg

Mexican Day of the Dead (Día de los Muertos):

The Day of the Dead, El Día de los Muertos observed on November first and second is rooted in the Aztec tradition dating back some 3,000 years and related to our modern Halloween celebrations insofar as...


More on the History of Halloween Costume Tradition

Halloween Traditions: Costumes.
Records of the precursor to Halloween—the Celtic new year celebration of Samhain (SAH-win)—are extremely threadbare. The celebration itself though dates back at least 2,000 years, based on analysis of a Celtic bronze calendar discovered in the 1890s in Coligny, France, in what was then called Gaul. The festival marked the end of the Celtic year, when the harvest was gathered and animals were rounded up. It's said the hides of cattle and other livestock slaughtered at this time were ritually worn during festivities that likely hark back to even earlier pagan beliefs. Ancient Roman writers recorded that during their harvest festivals tribes in what is now Germany and France held riotous ceremonies with bonfires where they donned the heads and skins of wild mammals as costumes to connect with animal spirits. Their ceremonies consisted of dancing, telling stories, and reading fortunes.

Try our Halloween Inspired Concept Dishes

Sweet- candy corn shots!.jpg

Halloween Inspired Drinks

Sweet candy corn drinks and more!

halloween food 2.png

Food concepts for the Halloween Holiday

halloween food concepts.jpg

Brains Pena Cotta Ala Pomegranate Sauce

1 cup milk...

carmel apple treats.jpg

Halloween Snack Ideas

check out this cutesy cool easy Halloweeny fall snack. Awesome and easy- Sprinkle with a ground walnut topping and enjoy!

Halloween Video Favorites

Halloween History in 3 minutes. The Huffington Post.

Tim Burton's "This is Halloween," performed by Broken Peach.

Real Story Behind Halloween- The History Channel.

Two clips from "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown," Charles M. Schulz, 1966

Walt Disney Halloween Released in 1933.