Fill your bellies on Marzen Lagers, moonshine, and Halloween and Oktoberfest sweat treats (included), while regaling in Grim Philly's famous brand of R-Rated grit- in lost pagan traditions in divination and the dead while toasting with the ghosts of Olde City's notoriously haunted colonial era taverns where our Founding Fathers were known to enjoy a spirit or two themselves.

As always tour guides include professors, authors, and young professionals guaranteed to push the boundaries of refined language sensibilities in unapologetic and uncensored terms. Ghost stories, toasting, trivia for additional beer and shot give-a-ways and prizes abound on this social drinking and feasting evening out sharing the night in to the witching hour with good friends old and new. Oktoberfest, Halloween, ghost hunting, and colonial and craft beer secrets are shared- as well as psychic and tarot card readings by Laurie McCabe- author of multiple ghost book and paranormal titles including Haunted Honeymoons, Philly's Mainline Haunts, Paranormal Pennsylvania, and more!

Tour includes:

  • 3  bar admissions.
  • 2+ alcoholic beverages: of taverns choice- including seasonal ale, specialty moonshine including "apple pie moonshine," J├Ągermeister vanilla cinnamon spice, or other fall season alcohol possibilities.
  • Additional beer and/or shot drink give-a-way prizes on top of standard included in price of admission.
  • Halloween/Fall candy give-a-ways.
  • *Hot food selections available at additional cost.

Duration: 3 hours | Weekends.
         *See calendar for schedule.
Cost: $45
*Tour departs from outside front doors of Independence Visitor Center: 599 Market St., Phila, Pa 19106. Please arrive 15 minutes ahead for check-in. 24 hour parking garage located at Visitor Center.