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Grim Philly and Grim Philly Twilight Tours employs a multitude of professors, authors, teachers, and other professionals with a variety and range of expertise to conduct a variety and range of tours for you. Hands down the most expert tourism staff of any walking tours company you will find, tours can be geared toward any audience or genre to suite your precise occasion. From small children and educational school or Scout groups with child friendly learning to something more mature for university and alumni groups: the precise level of G to R rated in experience is adjusted easily with surgical precision.

Completely private tours can be arranged at your preferred time and day- and accommodate to your precise needs for catering food, drink, ghost stories; folklore, fact; gritty, or not so gritty.

Grim Philly works routinely with synagogues and churches, elementary, middle, and high schools, Girl/Boy Scouts of America , and other faith-based, and youth-groups.

Our professors have developed itineraries in conjunction with university American and World History courses, anthropological courses, folklore, politics, and more. We continue to work with university departments, classrooms, alumni and Greek organizations, athletic departments.

And- at typically $6 (K-12) - $12 (college) cost per student.

Every Grim Philly Tour listed in our website can be adjusted to the needs of any group for age and preference and adapted to your needs.

Typical adaptations include:


History and Sightseeing

Sightseeing of all of the major tourist sites in Philadelphia with a few darker twists. Walk the paths trodden by Pope Francis and Paul Revere. Of Jefferson, and of Hamilton....together with grittier off the trodden path information on burial and medical practices, and more.


Independence Hall
Liberty Bell
Site of Franklin’s Electrical Experiments
Benjamin Franklin's House, Print Shop, and Library Company
Homes of George Washington, John Adams, and Robert Morris
Home of the Continental Congress
Homes of Dolly Madison, William White, and Benjamin Rush
Market and Slave Sale District and Sites

Duration: 1hr to 4 hrs (you choose!)
Guide: History Professor or Teacher
Transportation: Walking Tour
All-Ages. Wheelchair accessible

* Departs from outside of the Market Street doors of Independence Visitor Center: 599 Market St (6th & Market) Phila. Pa, 19106.

Scavenger Hunt of Historic Philadelphia

Grim Philly and Grim Philly Twilight Tours, which is run by teachers and local history professors exclusively is the #1 rated tour company in Philadelphia and organizes numerous themed historical and sightseeing activities for educators and school groups. Our tailor-made itineraries can fit any group size or age. Because of our steadfast commitment to education we reserve always our very lowest rates for students. Pricing is transparent and we accommodate students k-12 for just over $6 per student. Teachers and chaperones are free of charge, always.

We are always also a great help to organizers as a valuable resource for recommendations and suggestions for student friendly activities throughout the city as well as discount restaurant referrals with student rates, and any other complimentary assistance with suggestions and contact during your entire stay here in our city once you have booked a student tour with us to ensure your Philadelphia trip is easy and a success.

For student scavenger hunts our price includes history teacher judges who will provide your students with tailor-made unique information about their scavenger hunt route and the city both before their group scavenger competition, and upon their return for judging...along with competition judging, tallying team point scores, and awarding winners prizes.

In additional to some secret hidden gems you’ll receive once booked our student Scavenger Hunt includes iconic revolutionary and colonial Philadelphia locations including:

Liberty Bell

Independence Hall

George Washington House

Betsy Ross House

Benjamin Franklin House

Dolly Madison House

Christ Church

Slave Market

Safe Houses for Underground Railroad

Where the Declaration of Independence was Written

Where the Continental Congress Met

Tomb of the Unknown Revolutionary War Soldier

Home of Thaddeus Kosciuszko

America’s First Library

America’s First Hospital

America’s First Flight

America’s First Firehouse

America’s First Bank Robbery

America’s First Jailhouse

America’s First Theater

America’s First Banks

America’s First Taverns

America’s First Printers

America’s First Post Office

Home of the Marine Corps

Movie Set Locations, such as for National Treasure

Sites for Franklin’s Electric Experiments

Where Pirates Stayed

Site Locations for:

Alexander Hamilton

Thomas Jefferson

Patrick Henry

Paul Revere

Thomas Paine

John Adams

William White

Benjamin Rush

Steven Girard

Francis Hopkinson

Robert Morris

John Andre

Peggy Shippens

Benedict Arnold

And More.


Select any day, any time. And we will make it happen. We will tailor you’re experience exactly as you direct us to.