Sightseeing Tours

Day or night Grim Philly and Grim Philly Twilight Tours offer the widest variety of educational sightseeing entertainment and uncannily candid histories and landmarks covered by any tour. Sites include Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, George Washington House, Betsy Ross House, Dolly Madison House, Alexander Hamilton home site, John Adams House, Carpenter's Hall (where the First Continental Congress meet), Christ Church, the first library in the U.S., the first post office in the U.S., the first bank in the U.S., Tomb of the Unknown Revolutionary War Soldier....and a multitude of other off the beaten path sites for unconventionally unexpected first's in American history including America's first bank robbery, prison, tavern, brothel, flight, serial killer, and more.

Sightseeing and CHEESESTEAK TOUR

Daytime Sightseeing

North and South of Market Street


Enjoy the most astonishing sights of revolutionary Philadelphia over cheesesteak and food samples!

Visit every major tourist site in Philadelphia from the Liberty Bell to Benjamin Franklin’s living room. Walk the paths trodden by Pope Francis and Paul Revere. Of Jefferson, and of Hamilton. And enjoy generous cheesesteak portions along the way!

For the best of the best true RAW Culture living history delivered by university professors, published authors and young professionals join the most scandalously unorthodox authentically original sightseeing experience consistently voted best in the Philadelphia sightseeing.


Riverboat Cruise

Narrated River Cruise of the Waterfront


Join Grim Philly aboard Patriot Harbor Line’s 1920’s replica commuter yacht for nighttime tales of pirate ghouls and The New Jersey Devil with the city skyline at our side. Pirate ghosts and Black Beard’s treasure are dredged up alongside turn of the century encounters with Jersey's frightening woodland sky serpent; a thirteenth child and son of Satan himself along the very river upon which we sail.

As always- Grim guides include professors, authors, and young professionals guaranteed to relay fact and legend in grimly unapologetic terms.

History & GHOST Tour

Nighttime Sightseeing

South of Market Street

(Adult Only)

Nighttime sightseeing of all major tourist sites with a deviant twist. Independence Hall, Liberty Bell, George Washington's House, John Adam's House, Robert Morris' House, Dolly Madison's House; multiple meeting places of the Continental Congress...together with an array of darker sights and frights in this high-energy R-Rated adult night tour that ensures the highest value in entertainment and fact. Our maiden tour voted best in Philadelphia.


Afternoon Sightseeing

North of Market Street

(Adult Only)

Unconventional sightseeing off the beaten path. Enjoy Betsy Ross House, Christ Church, Elfreth’s Alley, and Benjamin Franklin’s Grave, together with tales of serial slayings and psychopathic killers like the Corpse Collector, Frankfort Slasher, and H.H. Holmes. This is not your typical Liberty Bell Tour.