Tour 1: Independence Walking Tour


Independence Walking Tour!


(Family friendly; all-ages version of Grim Philly's: Vampires, Sex, Ghost, & so much more tour!)



Developed by Rider University Professor Joe Wojie; Independence Walking Tours is the family friendly cleaned up afternoon version
of our mature audiences, “Vampires, Sex, Ghosts: and so much more” night tour offered by Grim Philly Twilight Tours that’s won Best City Tour on PHL 17’s Hotlist in 2011 & 2012.


Crafted with the same attention to research and care for enthusiasm & entertainment, Independence Walking Tours is a standalone Philadelphia tour suitable for parents and children alike. You’ll enjoy the scandal (not so much sex!), but torture, death…even a ghost story or two from the nighttime variety; with language and delivery sanitized for grandma and the kids! For those family weekends with the kids when the last thing you wanted was to take another constitutional liberty duck tour- we’ve got the answer to your prayers, & you can save that constitutional for after lunch when you’re through.


Price: $19.99 (adult)

           $9.99 (child/under 12)


Duration: Saturday 12:00 pm - 1:15 pm

                (Select Sundays: 12:00 pm)


Audience: All Ages

Tour 2: Cemetery & Urban History Tour!


Cemetery & Urban History Tour


(Grim Philly’s “Cemetery, Serial Killers; Blood & Beer” tour for

the kiddies ...a wider audience)


“The only thing better than a hooker is a dead hooker, unless you’ve got a half dozen of them stuffed in your closet”-

or so sayeth Marty Graham: The Corpse Collector.


If you’d rather jump through a plate glass window sooner than see another friendly free footstep tour consider yourself saved.


You get the graveyard and leeches same as the adult variety with Independence Walking Tour guides spinning the same tales of killers & death: all spoken in the queen’s finest English for the kiddies, of course.


This all ages (mostly) family friendly version of Grim Philly's, “Cemetery, Serial Killers; Blood & Beer” tour is (just about) suitable for a day trip with Aunt Ethel, Cousin Maude, & Tiny Tim too-  prudish uptight’s aside…who’d be best advised to steer clear (no, seriously-  are you uptight? Then stay home; take someone else's tour).


Identical content to our mature audiences tour, given by the same guides—every one of whom holds a college master’s degree—enjoy even your complimentary beer at the end (soda-pop for the youngens) just in time for happy hour food and drink specials at Mexican Post’s restaurant and bar: all ages welcome!


Price:   $29.99 (Adult)

            $9.99/$19.99 (Child/Under 12)


Duration: Saturday 1:00 pm -3:30 pm

                (Select Sundays: 1:00 pm)


Audience: All Ages / Parental Discretion Advised.


Independence Walking Tours Calendar and Departures!

Philadelphia Independence Walking Tours employs only the most highly qualified tour guides the vaste majority of whom hold college master's degrees. Come along for the most thoroughly intense Philadelphia sightseeing tour experience given only the way an expert tour guide, and Philly local can guide daytime fact finding seekers of adventure in our nation's original capital.


See our sightseeing calendar of Philadelphia tours below departing from Independence Visitor Center for schedule, departure times, and to book or reserve your place on the best Philadelphia tour!


Philadelphia sightseeing tour tickets available online, by phone (856-829-3100), or at Independence Visitor Center.


To purchase a ticket or register a Groupon or Amazon voucher click "Calander & Registration" ABOVE. To purchase here select option for prefered day of the week, and either "Child" or "Adult" ticket type. To register with Groupon or Amazon select prefered day of the week, and "Voucher Registration." For those with purchased Groupon or Amazon vouchers registration is free. Just remember to bring your voucher to the tour with you or you may be charged the full price of admission apon arrival!

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