Grim Philly Twilight Tours Ghost Tours

Our maiden tour voted best in Philadelphia. With an eclectic array of sites and frights from dark & deviant sexcapades to torture, mass burials & execution, to vampires, pirates, and ghosts! A solid year of research & development by university professor Joe Wojie this high energy, R-Rated adult night tour ensures the highest value in entertainment and fact.

An exceptionally one of a kind, unique, and far different tour than any other. Adventurers are guided past Independence Hall, The Library of Congress and 2 dozen other sites starting with a core of traditional stories from our founding fathers and quickly moving to Philly's most seedy locations like our whipping posts, gallows, red light district; even recounting hauntings such as that of the City Tavern, pirate ghost ships that sail the Delaware, and more!

Duration: 7:30 pm - 9:15 pm (& other times available)
Cost: $25
*Departs 7:30 pm nightly from "outside" of the Market Street doors of the Independence Visitor Center (GPS address is 599 Market St. Phila, PA 19106).